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A Meditation on Good Friday

CrucifixionOn this day, He shares His love with us in the most intimate way.  He descends to the depths of darkness – not to be lost Himself, but to join all of us trapped in the twilight of our sinfulness.  In these shadows we see only by the dimness of the light we have willingly left behind by our thoughts and our actions and our omissions – our failures to love.  We listen for his heartbeat…but it has stopped.

Dead on the cross, there is no light left in the universe – darkness doesn’t only cover the Earth.  It covers all of creation.  How can we comprehend it? How can we dare to imagine continuing to exist in a universe in which God has died?

But in the bright darkness of His embrace, we are found in the shadow of his heart.  He has come down to us, the Light had become one of us.  And when we see the light, when faith is aroused in our hearts, we can then see nothing else.  We live because He lives, we find our way back to Him, because He beckons us forward in the darkness.  Towards Resurrection.  We have to keep walking.

The inspiration for this Good Friday reflection was drawn from the words of this song.  I pray that you’ll keep walking in this twilight towards the sound of His Sacred Heart as it renews the entire universe in three days.

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