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The website of moral theologian Christopher Klofft

About Christopher Klofft

assum-061Counter Culture contains commentary, thoughts, ramblings, and occasional rantings about issues affecting the interplay between the Church, popular culture, and modernity and post-modernity in the West – how the Gospel of Christ is revealed or concealed by the secular world around us.

Christopher Klofft is Associate Professor of Theology at Assumption College in Worcester, MA.  His areas of specialization include sexual ethics, marriage and family, gender, Catholicism and modernity, and the intersection of Christianity and popular culture.  He has lectured widely across the country on a variety of topics.



LivingHe is the author of Living the Love Story: Catholic Morality in the Modern World, published by Alba House.

“In this work Dr. Christopher Klofft displays for us a love story – that between God and humanity.  With the deft strokes of an artist he paints the contours of this story in colors both warm and vivid.  Klofft describes the basic parameters of the moral life as understood by the Catholic tradition and then moves easily into the vexing areas of life issues, sexuality, medicine,  and of social and political ethics.  Throughout this work Klofft never loses sight of the centrality of love in the tableaux of the Christian life.  Written with a lucidity that makes it accessible to the beginner and yet the nuance that separates it from mere popularization, this is an attractive text for introductory courses in moral theology for both college-level and adult-ed courses.” – Dr. John S. Grabowski, Professor of Moral Theology, The Catholic University of America

“Today’s culture could be radically transformed if this book were read and its wisdom heeded.” – Allison LeDoux, Director of the Office for Marriage and Family Life, Diocese of Worcester, MA

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