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The website of moral theologian Christopher Klofft


Christopher Klofft is available for speaking engagements for parish enrichment, adult education, parish missions, and young adult ministry.  While he teaches moral theology with a specialization in marriage, family, and sexuality, he is able to present on a wide variety of topics.

He can be contacted at or at 508-752-7576.

Some recent presentations include:

The Sexiest Heresy: A look at the age-old heresy that undergirds our modern confusion about sex and relationships.

Angels Around Us: Angels are the most exciting creatures we never talk about.  Learning about them gives us a greater appreciation for the fullness of God’s creation.

Sin, Sex, and Salvation: When we understand the origins of God’s design for man and woman, we can better understand the problems embedded in our culture.

Thinking Seriously About the Five Non-Negotiables: In light of our responsibility of civic participation in the United States, we need to know what issues are most important.

Romance and the Divine Boom Box: Beginning with Scripture, come to see how God’s love story begins, continues in the present, and moves forward towards the wedding in the divine plan.

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