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The website of moral theologian Christopher Klofft

Obligatory First Post

Welcome to the obligatory first post of Counter Culture.  This blog was originally supposed to exist a number of years ago, but I kept dragging my feet and letting life get in the way, despite people asking me to write one.  Thanks to the ease of WordPress, I was finally able to get this together.  If you found your way here, thanks for coming.

In this blog, I will be offering my commentary on issues involving the Church, contemporary theology, and the interplay between Catholicism and culture.  Because of my specific engagement with popular culture, you can expect to see a lot of evaluation of music, TV, and movies.  For those who have seen me teach, I hope that my same style comes across in written form as it does in the classroom.

Regarding the art work on this page. it was done by an artist named Matt Crane.  The piece is simply called “Christ vs. Satan.”  It features a rather heroic Jesus punching the devil in the face.  I think that’s pretty awesome.

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